New design, old happiness    Click HERE for more info

New design, old happiness    CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO
We are thrilled to present to you our refreshed brand, born from a sense of change and constant growth.

Improving Life

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For over 20 years we have been passionately and lovingly committed to products of the highest quality and excellence. We are all unique and our uniqueness deserves respect and recognition, both seen from the outside and by ourselves. If support, supplementation or accompaniment is called upon, it is enormously important that it is coordinated precisely with this in mind. We are inspired by the often still undiscovered secrets of nature and pay attention to a high quality of raw materials. We only offer products that we are personally convinced of!


See the world from a different perspective



With the HEALING CUNE you hold your HEALTH COMPASS in your hands - whether you suffer from certain diseases, want to take preventive care of your health or you are curious and inquisitive to learn more about the WONDERWERK man and his interactions with the world and the cosmos - the HEALING CUNE magazine lets everyone and every woman become his own health expert!

Naturopathy practice


For our clients, our naturopathic practice is both an oasis of well-being and a place to unwind, where humanity, good energy and relaxation are at the forefront. In whatever situation you find yourself, we will pick you up where you need us and go together with you on your journey to yourself. We let the boundaries between man and nature disappear. In the interest of our patients we maintain a close and trusting cooperation with the referring family doctors, therapists and clinics. For us, the human being and his or her wholeness are always at the center of attention.


What customers say about us and our products

"Very good product

APPROVABLE to take,fine raspberry flavor. Strengthens the eyes immediately, they tire less quickly."
Esther W.

"I received issue No. 4 | 22 Winter a few days ago and was very positively surprised by the scope and content of the magazine. Thank you very much for your valuable work! Hats off and keep it up!
THANK YOU dear Heilkunde Team!"
Elisabeth Gmür

"Omega3-D3 Plus
Very fast delivery top product top price Gladly again"
René Willi
"The leech therapy worked wonders....the wounds still bled a little and now crusts have formed. I also had no pain, except for a pulling sensation, about like sore muscles, I have no reaction."
Daniela Stocker

"The treatments and products you recommended have changed so many things for the better for me. I was able to reduce my weight, regulate my diabetes and in general my general well-being has increased a lot as a result. "
Ilkay Kum

More quality of life and well-being for you.

Ignite the healing power within you !